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Welcome to Lives 1st

A rabbi and a pastor began a journey over 25 years ago. They studied their Scriptures, researched their religions and examined their belief systems. The rabbi is Jeffrey Leynor and Jim Myers is the pastor. They could have never dreamed of what they would discover. They created the TOV Center and the Lives 1st Initiative to share it with people.

● Humans are born with a mysterious force that recognizes and moves them towards fairness, kindness, loyalty, and caring – and away from cheating, cruelty, betrayal and indifference. This can be seen in infants long before they are able to speak.

● Human brains create realities through which individuals view the world, give meanings to what they see and create societies and institutions that reflect their realities. The human brain is the most complex known object in the universe. It connects electrochemical impulses of sensory organs to memories stored in the brain to create realities.

● When realities are in synch with the things the mysterious force values, seeks and desires – lives are safer, more content and fulfilled, and happier. When they are not, lives are less safe, discontent and unfulfilled, and unhappier. Based on what people are doing in America today, their realities appear to be out of synch the mysterious life force in all humans.

● The Lives 1st Initiative helps people create realities and relationships that are in synch with the mysterious life force so lives will be protected and preserved, made more functional and the quality of life increased.

People on both sides of conflicts always say they want to do what’s right.
Lives 1st is about everyone doing what’s life!
Gather with us online or local meetings to learn more and connect with others.