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The Little Shoes that Changed My Life!

My name is Jim Myers. It was close to the end of 1990, a few months after my first grandson was born, I was sitting in my study flipping through a magazine when the picture above appeared.  My eyes immediately locked on the soles of two little shoes -- on the feet of a dead child laying between two adults which I assumed were its parents.  
As I looked at those little shoes, I wondered if that the little child had a grandfather somewhere and if he cared as much for him as I did about my grandson. As I read the story and pondered how that could have happened to that little child, one question popped into my mind. Read the complete story at --

Wisdom of the Second Day of Creation

Wisdom of the Second Day of Creation Today the Second Day begins at sundown on Sunday and ends at sundown on Monday.
On the First Day we learned that the Hebrew word translated "create" actually means "to create by changing the shape or form of things that exists." We also learned that before the process of creation began, four things already existed: elohiym, darkness, deep waters and the space above the surface of the deep waters where elohiym hovered. On the First Dayelohiym changed darkness, now elohiym uses Its creative power to change the deep waters.
Genesis 1:6-7
And elohiym said: “Let there be a RAQIYA in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”  And elohiym made the RAQIYA, and divided the waters which were under the RAQIYA from the waters which were above the RAQIYA; and it was so.
Once again the first thing elohiym does is say what will be created next -- “Let there be a RAQIYA in the midst of the waters.” This time we also l…

The Wisdom of the First Day of Creation

Day One Today Day One begins at sundown Saturday & ends at sundown Sunday.
Genesis 1:1-2
When elohiym began changing things that existed to make the Heavens and the Earth the Earth did not exists, darkness was over the surface of deep waters and the presence of elohiym hovered over the surface of the waters.
←   ←   ← Hebrew is read from right to left. ←   ←   ←
The Hebrew word above is transliterated into English “elohiym” (pronounced EL-OH-HEEM). Download our free Hebrew-English Transliterator by clicking here.
In English translations of Jewish and Christian Scriptures elohiym has been translated God, god, gods, goddess, goddesses, angels, rulers, and judges.1 But, a study of the choices translators make often reveals the influences of their religious beliefs on the decisions of which English words to choose as translations of Hebrew and Greek words. Our goal is to let the context in which words appear reveal their meanings – contextual definitions.
In this context, elohiym is an unna…

Which god?

The “G-word” is everywhere today. People from very different religions, no religions, and atheists use it every day – as if they are all talking about the same god. Even people that self-identify with the same religion aren’t always talking about the same god. How important is it for us to know which god we are talking about?
If someone said, “Do you want food?”; would you ask “What kind of food?”
How about if your doctor called and said, “You need an operation.” Would you ask, “What kind of operation?”
Based on the impact the “G-word” has on our lives today in America, doesn’t that make knowing which is very important? But when people use the “G-word,” most people never ask, “Which god?” – not even professional reporters that work for large media corporations, newspapers and magazines!
Christianity, Judaism and Islam are monotheistic religions that teach that there is only one god -- but their memes about their “God” are very different. Jewish and Christian Scriptures contain storie…

Critical period for teaching 10 to 18 month old infants how to control their emotions.

The discovery of the critical period became one of the most famous in biology in the second half of the twentieth century. The brain is especially plastic (changeable) and sensitive to the environment and experiences rapid, formative growth during critical periods. Each neural system has a different critical period.
A particularly important critical period lasts from approximately ten or twelve months to sixteen or eighteen months, during which a key area of the right frontal lobe is developing and shaping the brain circuits that will allow infants both to maintain human attachments and to regulate their emotions. This system allows us both to read people’s facial expressions, and hence their emotions, and also to understand and control our own emotions.
A mother who is with her baby during the critical period for emotional development and attachment is constantly teaching her child what emotions are by using musical speech and nonverbal gestures.
When she looks at her child who swallo…