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Threats to relationships processed like physical pain.

Human social cohesion is supported by subtle biological processes and feedback mechanisms. Like trees that communicate through their root systems, human beings have developed elaborate mechanisms to connect and share with one another. Our nervous systems learned to treat our social connections as existentially important — life or death. Threats to our relationships are processed by the same part of the brain that processes physical pain. Social losses, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or expulsion from a social group, are experienced as acutely as a broken leg. (Team Human By Douglas Rushkoff; pp. 14-15)

The Realities Generator (New Module Now Online)

The Identity We All Share: We are human above all! (Modules for helping people engage in self-discovery and understanding their humanness.)
Module 04 The Realities Generator

The brain has no access to the world outside. Sealed within the dark, silent chamber of the skull, the brain has never directly experienced the external world -- and it never will. Are the realities we are experiencing right now actually what exists outside our skulls? Click Here for link to this module and the others.

New Free Module Now Online – Critical Periods that Change Brains

The Identity We All Share: We are human above all! (Modules for helping people engage in self-discovery and understanding their humanness.)
Module 03 Critical Periods that Change Brains
Learn about five critical periods that are genetically launched in which the brain goes into a hyper-learning mode and absorbs massive amounts of information. At birth a baby’s neurons are disparate and unconnected, and in the first two years of life they begin connecting up extremely rapidly as they take in sensory information. As many as two million new connections, or synapses, are formed every second in an infant’s brain. By age two, a child has over one hundred trillion synapses, double the number an adult has. Today, most people know very little or nothing about them, especially the people that need to know it the most – parents, family members, teachers, law makers, judges, law enforcement officers, counselors and religious leaders, to name a few. Your critical periods shaped who you are and how you e…

Free Modules for Healing Fractured Lives and Nation

The Identity We All Share: We are human above all!
The TOV Center is creating a series of short easy to understand modules to help people understand why their lives and nation have become so fragmented and empower them to reverse the process. The first series of modules focuses on learning about an identity we all share – we are all human above all. The first two modules are now online.
01 Life & Power
02 What Are You?
New modules will be added soon.
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The TOV Center is about “Doing What’s Life 1st”

Life & Power

How important is power in our world today? Just think what life would be like if you had the power to do or acquire whatever you wanted. We spend a great deal of our lives thinking about power – getting it, keeping it, losing it, seeking it and wanting it. But even though power is so important to so many, very few people really understand what power is, how it works or know how much power is unknowingly being used against them every day. Inclusive social change requires lots of power! We created the TOV Center to empower individuals to co-create change.Click Here to read complete blog.