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A Preacher and a Rabbi Discuss Their BS

Almost thirty years ago I (Jim Myers) met a rabbi (Jeffrey Leynor) and we began discussing our BS (Belief Systems). I was a preacher and pastor of a nondenomination Charismatic church, while Jeffrey was a rabbi of a Conservative synagogue. Our Religious Belief Systems both contained an institutional truth called “monotheism – “the belief that only one God exists.” Read the complete story at --
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Realities 101

Philosophers have been talking about “realities” for centuries. Neuroscientists are just now beginning to enter the discussions. Many of the discussions about realities come down to answers to two questions:
What is real?
What actually exists?
Our answers to the above questions may surprise you. Read the complete article at –

Thoughts About Death

Perhaps the harshest reality of human existence is death. Intellectually, we all know that some day we will die, but we in the West tend to ignore this reality as long as possible. Our culture is devoted to materialism, youth, and power. We put our old people into homes where they often die abandoned and alone. Many build their lives on models that do not take into account “the fact of death.” Read the complete blog at --

The Story of the Panic of 1893 and 22 Minutes of Profits in 1895

One of the things you would expect everyone to know is why things like the recent Great Recession and the earlier Great Depression keep on happening. The story of capitalism is one long series of “boom and bust cycles.” Reading about them or watching videos is one thing, but losing everything you spent your whole life working for is another. Boom and bust cycles are usually the consequences of financial speculation – gambling not investing – by very rich and powerful people. As long as the masses are fighting among themselves about whatever pulls their strings, when the bottom drops out of the economy, they just assume some of their enemies did it and start fighting them over that. Read the complete blog at --

Why People Die by Suicide

“People desire death when two fundamental needs are frustrated to the point of extinction; namely, the need to belong with or connect to others, and the need to feel effective with or to influence others.” (Psychologist Thomas Joiner; Why People Die by Suicide