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The Third Blessing and Mystery of the Seventh Day

In the seventh day the Creator completed Its mission, which It had made. The Creator rested on the seventh day from all Its mission, which It had made.

The key to understanding the Creator’s actions on the seventh day is discovering what the word “rested” meant to the ancient author and audience. The author couldn’t have made the importance of the seventh day any clearer, if he had painting a gigantic sign. Read the complete blog at --
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The Second Blessing and Human Empowerment

The Creator now blesses the newly created Earth-soul creatures. Keep in mind that “to bless” means to “empower and endow” those creatures to do the following: be fruitful and multiply; fill the Earth; subdue her (the Earth); exercise power like a shepherd . . . Read the complete blog at --

Bishops, Emperors and Beliefs

There were Christian churches -- but not a Christian church, not one that was catholic, or universal -- until at least 325 CE, when the First Council of Nicea met (Thursday May 20th to Saturday June 19th) and formulated the first creed.1 The Council was called by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great

Constantine the Great
Why did the most powerful person in the Roman Empire call for a council of Christian bishops (leaders of the above churches) to assemble? An Alexandrian Christian teacher named Arius accused Bishop Alexanderof Alexandria of teaching a false doctrine -- “God and Christ were two creatures of the same essence.”
Arius taught that "If the Father begat the Son, he that was begotten had a beginning of existence: and from this it is evident, that there was a time when the Son was not. It therefore necessarily follows, that he had his substance from nothing". Arius maintained that the Son possessed neither the eternity nor the true divinity of the Father, but was rathe…


The year is about to change, will I?
I’m hearing lots of commercials about exercise equipment and programs, weight loss programs, great deals on makeovers, miracle pills and beauty treatments, the hottest gifts and toys -- all those things that promise to MAKE US HAPPY!!
I think it’s kind of strange, that in our minds, we’re led to believe, or have just evolved to believe, that “Holidays” are restricted to only one day or period of time. After those warm feelings of Joy, Good Will and Thoughts of Peace to all at Christmas -- why do so many of us go back to our daily business of being “ME”, wrapped up in our own consuming wants and desires?
What about all those who are homeless, with empty bellies, enduring cold or heat, with no shoes, suffering with illness, loneliness and abandonment? Do they somehow miraculously get taken care of the rest of the time?
After the Lights of Hannukah and other celebrations burn out, is everyone else – especially those who are poor and the most vulnerable -…

The Creator’s TOV Standard for Measuring Life

After completing Its first creative act, the Creator observed the light (of life). It measured what It saw by a Standard and the light measured “TOV.” This word is usually translated “good,” but good is a word with a wide range of meanings -- morally excellent; virtuous; righteous;well-behaved;fertile. TOV is a very important word because it is the Creator’s Standard and reveals Its Values. Therefore, we are going to let context and culture define it. Read the complete blog at --

The First Act of Creation

In the earlier blog -- The Meaning of Create – we discussed the definition options for BARA, the Hebrew translated “created” in many translations. They all shared a common idea -- “changing the shape of something that already exists.” BARA” does not mean “to create something out of nothing.” Something must exist first, before one can create. In Genesis 1:2 we discovered the three things that existed before the creation process began. Read the complete blog at --